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About the Club


Head Instructor

Omar Ramirez

Coach Omar is a Brown Belt under Master Helio Soneca via New School BJJ. Coach Omar has an extensive amateur wrestling background from the United States which he incorporates into his BJJ lessons. Coach Omar has had the privilege to train under various high calibre coaches; Mario Reis, Jean Jacques Machado, José Henrique Leão “Zé Beleza” Teixeira, Luiz “Ceará” Tosta, Felipe De Souza and Erik Paulson (CSW) to name a few.

Coach Omar provides a fun approach to learning whilst giving you all the intricate details required to be effective.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Carlos Gracie Junior > Helio Soneca > Coach


Our ethos is that through pushing ourselves we will sharpen our skills and sharpen our partner's skills. 

At ISI we leave egos at the door. 

Our competition team is always growing and looking to have a big year in 2019.

For those unsure about competing, Coach Omar arranges  friendly informal competitions with other BJJ schools throughout the year to see if the competitive itch lies within.  

Come down and be a part of the Team! At ISI Coach travels with the team to as many competitions as possible.

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Affiliate of New School BJJ

New School BJJ

New School BJJ is home to everyone from elite World Championship competitors to novices and everyone in between. Seminars are regularly held with some of the best known grapplers.

For those that work in London (locations in Battersea and Willesden) or happen to be in the neighbourhood you are always welcome to train with the Team.

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