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With any contact sport it is vital that participants adhere to high hygiene standards. The items noted below are mandatory as our primary focus outside of learning the art is keeping ourselves and our training partners safe.

Hygiene 1.PNG
Hygiene 2.PNG


ISI BJJ is part of the UKBJJA which provides £5m liability insurance for our academy. It will also cover you, provided you are an individual member of the UKBJJA. Tournament insurance is also included. As part of your BJJ gym membership, you are now covered under the UKBJJA’s member to-member liability insurance cover. This protects you in the unfortunate event that you injure a training partner and they decide to pursue action against you. Although very unlikely, this can happen, so it is good to know that you are protected. Please note that this is liability cover only – it does not cover you for personal injury or loss of earnings. As part of your BJJ gym membership, you are also entitled to free individual membership of the UKBJJA. Full membership allows you to take advantage of special member offers, discounts or access to member-only events and allows you to compete for national ranking points. In order to take advantage of this insurance cover please  fill in the follw UKBJJA Membership Consent form found here. Once filled in please email it to . Please note that should you wish to stop training at ISIBJJ your insurance cover will also cease. 

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